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Tracking and Mobile Applications
Background: Web enabled maintenance M!TraceFor various mobile and tracking applications, Flipside has created the interaction and graphic design of the first version of this Sycada product suite. The main challenge within these projects, was to provide a maximum of functionality with only a limited amount of screen real estate. The endresult was reached by performing a thorough target audience analysis, task analysis, wireframing and a detailed styleguide.
Attributes: PDA screen example bullet Simple to use combined with a minimum amount of screens
bullet Limit the use of a stylus as much as possible
bulletThe user must be abale to input the entire alphabet on only one PDA screen

Corporate web site
Background: Sycada website 2003In 2003 Flipside redesigned the Sycada web site.
  • Sycada is stylish.
  • Sycada is innovative.
  • Sycada is Business to Business.

Background: Screen example tablet PCPon (the Dutch importer of Volkswagen) asked Sycada to develop a tablet PC application to be sold ypgether with their top of the range model (the Phaeton). Using this tablet PC and the web enabled application, an executive can keep in touch with his or her personal assistant. FLipside was responsible for the interaction and graphic design as well as the style guide.
  • Secretary@Hand is easy to use (no extensive manual required).
  • Secretary@Hand is stylish and exclusive.
  • Secretary@Hand incorporates the unique features of the tablet PC (e.g. the use of a stylus and the touch screen).