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A restaurant reservation system

With this system guests may place a reservation at any given time at your restaurant. The system offers a variety of possibilities for the restaurant owner to adjust it as desired. The restaurant may:
  • Set the maximum amount of online reservations per day.
  • Set the maximum amount of online reservations per date (for example Christmas, New Years Eve).
  • Set the maximum group size.
  • Set the minimum amount of days in advance a guest may place reserve a reservation.
  • Get an overview of all online reservations.
  • Set the kitchen open- and closing time.
All variables are subsequently used in the reservation form, ensuring the guest of availability of a table. Reservations are confirmed by an e-mail to the guest and the restaurant.

A demonstration version is available in Dutch:
  • Click here for the restaurant client (login: Admin; Password: 123456)
  • Click here for the guest area
This system is developed and sold in conjunction with Web-Reservation®. Get in touch with us for more information.