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Effective Prototyping

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Together with the authors of “Effective Prototyping for Softwaremakers”, Flipside and Stroomt organize workshops and lectures for professionals in the software industry. During these sessions you will learn how to use prototypes more effectively by using the right prototype at the right moment in the software development cycle.

These sessions will help software makers (developers, designers, architects and more) build effective prototypes every time: prototypes that convey enough information about the product at the appropriate time and thus set expectations appropriately.

These sessions will help anyone, regardless of artistic ability, access to special tools, or programming ability. It will teach how to use good prototyping styles, methods, and tools to build prototypes and manage for effective prototyping.

If you want to know more about upcoming sessions or are interested in the posibilities of sessions at your company: do not hesitate and contact us!

Workshop & Master class by Jonathan Arnowitz (Stroomt) and Dirk Jan Hoets (Flipside)

Jonathan Arnowitz, StroomtDirk Jan Hoets, Flipside On a regular basis. Jonathan Arnowitz of Stroomt (formerly Google Inc.) and Dirk Jan Hoets of Flipside team up to give prototyping sessions. Leverage the experience of 2 leading user experience designers as they share with you the prototyping secrets that have made Google, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and many other companies a great success. Each day is broken into two stand alone sessions: a workshop covering the essentials of effective prototyping and a Prototyping Master class. Both sessions will be partly in English and partly in Dutch.

If you have any questions about dates or otherwise, do not hesitate and contact us!

Workshop: Introduction to Effective Prototyping (morning session)

Effective Prototyping WorkshopThis introductory workshop is for any experienced software developer, designer or product manager. The only experience we assume for this workshop is a familiarity with the software creation process, waterfall, agile or anything in between.

In this workshop you will learn: If you have any questions about dates or otherwise, do not hesitate and contact us!

A Master class in Effective Prototyping (afternoon session)

This Prototyping Master class is for the experienced prototyper or someone who manages software development projects, no matter if they are a software developer, designer or product manager, etc. The types of software involved could be desktop, mobile, web etc.

We ask you bring in your prototyping examples or issues and discuss them in a confidential discussion on how to turn prototyping and software design problems into design opportunities by prototyping to the right level at the right time. Among the areas we will cover is: If you have any questions about dates or otherwise, do not hesitate and contact us!